Tropical perennial grasses - seed quality


Successful establishment of sown tropical perennial grass pastures is highly dependent on the quality of the seed that you buy and sow.

Quality can vary markedly, so you need to know what you are buying – often it is a case of ‘buyer beware’.

Always ask for a copy of a current (no older than six months) certificate of seed analysis for the seed that you are intending to purchase.

Check to make sure it has a high seed purity percentage, a high germination and low amounts of inert matter (straw and empty florets) and other seeds (often weed seeds).

If seed quality, purity and germination are below the average expected for a cultivar, then potential establishment will be low.

It is going to cost you extra money to increase the sowing rate and improve establishment. Ask yourself – is it really worth buying poor quality seed?

This Primefact highlights examples of two seed lots with markedly different quality.


Primefact 1023

Published: Jun 2010