Name: Atro (Macroptilium atropurpureum) = Siratro

Perennial. Grows mainly in summer and autumn. Deep rooted. Suited to a wide range of soils. Tolerates drought but sensitive to frost. Not suited to continuous heavy grazing but once established it is more tolerant than many other tropical legumes. Suited to a wide range of growing conditions. Persistent in higher rainfall areas of NSW, sporadic performance elsewhere. Regenerates from seed reserves in the soil. Rust is a potentially important disease in sub tropical coastal areas of NSW. Sow in spring to summer. Inoculum: Group M (CB756).

Sowing rate: 1–4 kg/ha.
Minimum average
annual rainfall:
(summer dominant) 800 mm.

Siratro (Public variety)

Aztec (Selected Seeds) – a rust resistant selection