Balansa clover


Balsana clover (Trifolium michelianum)


A self-regenerating annual legume that grows mainly in spring. Suited to soils of pH (Ca) 4.5–7.0. Tolerates waterlogging. Resists clover scorch and root rot.

Slow early growth but increases rapidly in late winter and spring as temperatures rise. Produces good quality hay. It has a high proportion of hard seeds. Sow in autumn (dryland) with good moisture or early autumn (irrigated).

Sowing rate:

2–5 kg/ha. 0.5–1.0 kg/ha when used in mixtures, 5 kg/ha when used as a 1-year forage crop

Minimum average
annual rainfall:

350 mm Southern NSW, 650 mm in Northern NSW. Inoculant Group C

Select varieties on the basis of:

Maturity: Earlier maturing varieties are suited to drier more marginal areas.

Seasonal growth: Select varieties to match feed requirements (seek local trial results if available).

Seed available:
Variety/brand Main Seed Source
Early maturing
Frontier Seedmark/PlantTech PBR
Enduromax Seed Distributors
Enduro Seed Distributors
Mid season maturity
Paradana Public variety
Balansa clover