Bambatsi panic

Name:Bambatsi Panic (Makarikari panic) (Panicum coloratum var.  makarikariense)

Perennial. Most growth in spring, summer and  autumn. Erect to semi-prostrate growth. Particularly suited to very fertile,  clay soils. Excellent tolerance to flooding. Some tolerance to frost. Very  persistent once established but has poor seedling vigour. Pastures dominated by  panic species may cause photosensitisation. Lucerne and/or barrel medic/sub clover are suitable companion legumes  depending on soil type and rainfall. If sowing with lucerne, reduce competition  by cutting the sowing rate of lucerne to 0.75 kg/ha. Outstanding tolerance to  waterlogging and drought. Sow in mid-spring or late summer to early autumn. Sow  companion medics only in autumn.

Sowing rate:2–4 kg/ha.
Minimum average
annual rainfall:
(Summer dominant) 450 mm.
Variety:Bambatsi (Public variety)
Bambatsi panic