Berseem clover


Berseem clover (Trifolium alexandrinum)


Annual, growing in autumn, winter and and spring. Used as an annual forage crop. Suited to fertile, neutral pH soils. Sow as a pure stand or in mixtures as a high density legume crop in late February to early April.

Sowing rate:

15-25 kg/ha, mixtures 2–6 kg/ha. Inoculant Group B

Minimum average
annual rainfall:
600 mm in Southern NSW, 750 mm in Northern NSW.
Select varieties on the basis of:


Disease resistance: Resistance to diseases may be important in your situation i.e. clover scorch, phytophthora root rot, pythium rot, leaf rust – check local requirements for the need for resistance.

Seed available:
Variety/brand Main Seed Source
Mid season to late maturing
Carmel (‘Multicut’) Public variety



Memphis Michel Belair
Alexandria Seed Distributors
Berseem clover