Bladder clover


Bladder clover (Trifolium spumosum) is a self-regenerating annual legume.

It is native to Mediterranean areas of Eurasia.

In its native environment it grows in well drained soils ranging in texture from sandy loam to clay with pH ranging from moderately acidic to mildly alkaline.

Germplasm of this species was initially collected by Dr C. Francis, D. Drousiotis and A. Della near Melini, Cyprus in 1987.

This material underwent development in the National Annual Pasture Legume Improvement Program (NAPLIP) resulting in the release of the world’s first commercially available cultivar of bladder clover in 2007.

This Primefact covers the following topics:

  • Adaptation
  • Description
  • Varieties
  • Establishment and management
  • Pests and disease
  • Seed production
  • Herbage production and nutritional quality



Published: Jan 2010