Name: Cocksfoot (Dactylis glomerata)
Description: A tussocky perennial grass suited to low fertility soils. Tolerates acid soils. good persistence under appropriate grazing management. Sow in autumn or spring (irrigated and tablelands).
Minimum average
rainfall for species
450 mm Southern NSW, 750 mm Northern NSW.
Sowing rate: 1–3 kg/ha.
Select varieties on the basis of:
Plant type Varieties of Mediterranean origin tend to have a less erect growth habit and tolerate heavy grazing pressure better than those of European origin that a generally more erect and summer active. Mediterranean varieties have greater summer dormancy than European varieties. Therefore they have a greater chance of persisting in a summer dry environment (e.g. southern NSW) than a summer active variety. Intermediate types have characteristics between the two main plant types.
Rust resistance Check details of the resistance of varieties if located in a high rainfall area (e.g. Northern Tablelands). Rust reduces yield, especially in autumn.
Performance Persistence and seasonal productivity – check local trial results where available.
Seed available:
Variety/brand Main Seed Source
Mediterranean type High summer dormancy
Kasbah Seedmark/PlantTech
Mediterranean type Moderate summer dormancy
Currie Public variety
Gobur Vicseeds
Intermediate type Summer active
Porto Public variety
Grasslands Kara PGG Seeds
Grasslands Tekapo Wrightson Seeds
Howlong Heritage Seeds
Grasslands Vision Cropmark Seeds
Grasslands Wana Cropmark Seeds
Yarck Vic Seeds
Oxen Seed Distributors