Crimson clover


Crimson Clover (Trifolium incarnatum)


Annual, soft seeded self-regenerating autumn, winter, spring growing aerial legume. Used for grazing, silage and hay production. It is suited to low fertility soils and tolerant of low pH. Erect, good early season growth. Susceptible to blue green aphid.

Sowing rate:

Sow in autumn at 1–4 kg/ha in mixtures, 8–10 kg/ha when sown as a pure stand. Inoculant Group C

Minimum average
annual rainfall:
450 mm Southern NSW, 650 mm Northern NSW.
Varieties available:

Caprera Seedmark/PlantTech

Blaza Seedmark/PlantTech P

Both varieties are soft seeded, and mid-late season relative to sub clover mid to late maturity.

Crimson clover