Ryegrass - Annual

Name:Ryegrass - Annual (Lolium rigidum)

Annual self-regenerating aggressive winter-spring growing ryegrass. Suited to drier margin of ryegrass zone. Note that this species can be a weed in winter crops. Annual ryegrass toxicity, ergot and herbicide resistance can be a problem with this species.

Sowing rate:Usually sown at 15 kg/ha when sown alone or 5–10 kg/ha in a mixture.
Minimum average
annual rainfall:
400 mm in Southern NSW, 600 mm in Northern NSW.

Guard (Valley Seeds) – selected for resistance to Annual Ryegrass Toxicity
Wimmera (Public variety)
CowMax CM108 Aristocrat 11 Valley Seeds
Cash Michel Belair P
'P' denotes that this variety is protected by Plant Breeder’s Rights.