Name: Setaria (Setaria sphacelata var. sericea)

Perennial. Grows mainly in early spring to late autumn. Tall habit. Suited to a wide range of soils. Tolerates acid soils and moderate waterlogging. Has greater tolerance to cool temperatures than most other tropical grasses. Suitable in mixtures with white clover, lotus or tropical legumes such as atro (siratro). Sow preferably in February/March (dryland) or spring to early summer. Sow in spring under irrigation. Pastures dominated by setaria are unsuitable for horses.

Sowing rate: 1–5 kg/ha.
Minimum average
annual rainfall:
(summer dominant) 900 mm.
Select varieties on the basis of:

Frost tolerance: Desirable to increase period of green feed availability and better winter feed.

Local production and persistence: –seek local trial data.

Varieties available:
Variety Main Seed Source
Frost susceptible
Splenda Heritage Seeds
Kazungula Public variety
Frost tolerant
Narok Public variety
Solander Public variety