Strand medic


Strand Medic (Medicago littoralis)


Self-regenerating annual. It is semi prostrate to erect and can remain green longer into the season than other annual legumes of similar flowering time. Moderate level of hard seed suitable for crop rotations. It is tolerant of acid soils, although not quite as tolerant as murex medic. Tolerant of red legged earth-mite.

Sowing rate: 8 kg/ha. Inoculant Group AM
Minimum average
annual rainfall:
350 mm Southern NSW.
Select varieties on the basis of:

Aphid resistance: Blue /green aphid tolerance desirable.

Hard seed levels: High hard seed levels enhance long-term persistence; softer seeded types enhance regeneration especially in the year after establishment.

Maturity: The earlier the maturity the better suited to lower rainfall areas of the adapted zone.

Yield and persistence: Seek local trial information where available.

Seed available:
Variety/brand Aphid Resistance Main Seed Source
Mid season, hard seeded
Harbinger Susceptible to blue green aphid Public variety
Mid season, moderately hard seeded
Harbinger AR Tolerant of blue green aphid Public variety
Early maturing, moderately hard seeded
Herald Tolerant of blue green aphid AWB Seeds, Seed Distributors
Angel Seedmark/PlantTech
Jaguar Keith Seeds / Auswest.
Strand medic