White clover


White Clover (Trifolium repens)


A perennial legume with most growth in spring, summer and autumn. Suited to a wide range of soils, being relatively tolerant of acidic soils. Useful species on infertile land (provided the soil is well fertilised with phosphorus and sulphur). Suited to short or medium‑term pasture and irrigated areas. For survival, it needs good summer rainfall or irrigation.

It has a high nutritive value and some varieties tolerate heavy grazing. Sow on good moisture in mid autumn to early winter (dryland) and /or spring (irrigated and tablelands).
Sowing rate: Normally 1–2 kg/ha, with a range of 0.5–4.0 kg/ha, as a minor component of seed mixtures through to use as dense irrigated stands. Inoculant Group B
Minimum average rainfall
for the species:

700 mm Southern NSW to 775 mm Northern NSW.

Select varieties on the basis of:

Plant habit: Larger leaved varieties tend to be higher yielding than smaller leaved types. Note that these categories are broad and the characteristics of leaf size and stolon density are continuous (i.e. a variety listed as ‘medium’ leaf size may be between a medium and a large leaf size. Low growing types tend to be more tolerant of sheep grazing, while more erect varieties tend to be more suited to dairy cattle. The greater the stolon density the greater the variety’s ability to spread and survive, especially under close grazing (e.g. sheep vs cattle).

Seasonal production: Overall productivity (especially winter) and persistence: Consult local trial information where available.

Seed available:
Variety/brand Main Seed Source
Large – leaved
Haifa Public variety
Kopu II Wrightson Seeds
Osceola Wrightson Seeds
Quest Seedmark/PlantTech
Super Haifa Seed Genetics Australia
Auswest Seeds
Super Ladino Seed Genetics Australia
Auswest Seeds
Waverley Seedmark/PlantTech
Will Ladino PGG Seeds
Trifol sweet Michel Belair
Tamarmax Seed Distributors
Medium – large leaved
Grasslands NuSiral PGG
Grasslands Tribute PGG
Bounty Wrightsons
Medium – leaved
Grasslands Demand Cropmark Seeds
Grasslands Huia Public variety
Grasslands Pitau Public variety
Irrigation Public variety
Mink Heritage Seeds
Sustain Heritage Seeds
Small – leaved, medium stolon density
Grasslands Prestige PGG Seeds
Grasslands Tahora Wrightson Seeds
Star Seed Distributors
Grasslands Nomad PGG
White Clover