Animal Welfare Code of Practice - Breeding dogs and cats


The NSW Government has updated the Animal Welfare Code of Practice - Breeding dogs and cats (the Breeding Code). The updates are common-sense changes which are designed to ensure that everyone who is covered by the Code can understand and follow the Code requirements and guidance.

The key updates relate to requirements around enclosure fence heights, vaccination requirements and mating ages. Some terminology within the Code has also been updated to make it easier to understand.

The Breeding Code applies to everyone involved in the business of breeding dogs and cats. To ensure the updates are fit for purpose, the Government has consulted with stakeholders, including Animal Care Australia, Master Dog Breeders Association, Dogs NSW, Australian Federation of Livestock Working Dogs, NSW Farmers, Australian National Cats Inc., Cats NSW and NSW Cat Fanciers Association. The animal welfare enforcement agencies - RSPCA NSW, the Animal Welfare League NSW and the NSW Police – were also consulted and the updated Code has been endorsed by the NSW Animal Welfare Advisory Council.


Published: 30 Aug 2021

Table of updates

Animal Welfare Code of Practice – Summary of August 2021 updates