Reporting animal welfare concerns and enforcement

Do you have a concern for the welfare of an animal in NSW? Find out here how to report your concerns.

What is animal cruelty?

Examples of animal situations that could form the basis of a cruelty complaint:

  • animals that are exposed to extreme heat or cold (e.g. animals left in cars), or which are not adequately sheltered
  • animals that have not been provided proper and sufficient food or water
  • animals that are hurt or abused
  • animals that are left untreated following an injury or illness
  • animals that are abandoned or which do not receive regular care
  • animals that are provided with an environment that is not suited to their needs due to their size, breed, infirmity etc
  • animals that are used to perform an illegal activity, e.g. where dogs or game cocks are encouraged to fight each other.


Animal welfare enforcement

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Making an animal cruelty complaint

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