Standards for exhibiting seals in NSW


The Standards for exhibiting seals in NSW are prescribed standards pursuant to Clause 8(1) of the Exhibited Animals Protection Regulation 2010.

These standards apply to all seals displayed, or kept for display, by exhibitors authorised under the Exhibited Animals Protection Act 1986(EAPA) and must be used in conjunction with all other relevant existing standards and NSW Department of Primary Industries policies where appropriate.

The standards within this publication have been developed to maximise the welfare of animals in captivity and cover a range of areas including psychological and physical animal welfare; educational value of exhibits; public safety; guidelines for new or existing displays; and legal effect.

All areas provided within this document are minimum areas required. Exhibitors are encouraged to make enclosures larger than those listed in order to further increase the animal welfare benefit to the animals being held.

Contents include information on:

  • staff experience
  • enclosure construction
  • nutrition and hygiene
  • handling and transport
  • behaviour
  • public interaction programs


Published: 02 Oct 2008