Feed cost calculator


Calculate and compare protein, energy and other components for different mixes of livestock feeds.

Before you start:

  • Please be aware that each feed has estimates for energy, protein and dry matter but you are encouraged to get feeds analysed to obtain a more accurate value which can then be entered into the calculator.
  • Some feeds listed have warnings associated with them. You are advised to investigate and action any warnings that appear while using this calculator

Clear values

Feed cost calculator

Step 1 - Select feed types

Feed typeOn farm cost ($/t)Dry matter (%)Energy
(MJ/kg DM)
Crude Protein (%)$/t Dry MatterMJ per tonne DMCost cents MJMJ per $100Cost $/Kg protein

Step 2 - Create the feed mix

Select 2 or more feeds above to create a feed mix

Step 3 - Feed mix analysis

Crude Protein %
Cost per tonne Dry Matter $
MJ per tonne DM
Cost cents MJ
MJ per $100
Cost $/Kg protein