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Feed Quality Service tests & pricing

The test list provides a price guide for commonly requested tests.

  • Additional tests are available upon request. For advice on specialised tests please contact Customer Service. Discounts may apply for large volume submissions.
  • For individual reports on submissions including multiple samples additional charges will apply.
  • An express surcharge may apply for urgent requests.
  • Prices will be reviewed annually however NSW DPI reserves the right to modify prices at any time.

Sample preparation

SamplePrice (incl. GST)1
Dry, Grind & Dry Matter (DM) calculation$35.46
Fine Grind$15.23
Preparation, freeze dry and grind$37.56

Wet Chemistry Tests

Price (incl. GST)1
Analysis1-15 Samples16-50 Samples> 50 SamplesFixed
Acid Detergent Fibre (ADF)$41.76$33.62$29.42 
Acid Detergent Insoluble Crude Protein *$38.87$32.04$27.32 
Acid Detergent Lignin *$55.68$46.49$39.14 
Acid Insoluble Ash*$63.83$47.02$38.87 
Ammonia Nitrogen in Silage (NH3)$48.59$45.70$41.50 
Ash/Organic Matter (OM) by Muffle Furnace$22.85$18.91$18.12 
Carbon or Nitrogen by Dumas Combustion$27.58$22.59$20.49 
Crude Fat by Pet Ether Extract (CFat)$51.48$46.75$42.03 
Crude Fibre*$40.45$31.78$27.84 
D-Lactate & L-Lactate in Rumen Fluid or Silage*$26.27$23.38$20.22 
Energy Values (Bomb Calorimeter)*$66.71$66.45$61.46 
Fatty Acid Methyl Esters*$94.03$85.63$78.53 
Tilley and Terry Rumen Fluid Digestibility $117.93$72.76$45.44 
Mould Count - Hay/Silage/Grain*   $45.70
Neutral Detergent Fibre (NDF)$38.61$35.20$31.78 
Neutral Detergent Insoluble Crude Protein*$49.12$38.08$32.57 
Nitrate - Semi-Quantitative*   $38.61
Non-Protein Nitrogen* $55.41$49.38$45.18 
Pepsin Cellulase Digestibility (PC)2$56.73$43.60$35.46 
Percent Moisture/solids by Drying Oven   $13.13
Protein Fractions*$153.65$132.12  
Prussic Acid Test*$24.69$19.44$16.81 
Rumen & Urine Ammonia-N content*$27.05$19.70$15.50 
Silage pH (pH)$36.25$33.09$31.52 
Starch Total*$43.86$34.67$32.31 
Total Fat (TFat)*$63.56$57.52$54.11 
Total Non-Structural Carbohydrates*$39.40$30.21$27.84 
Urea in Feed$55.68$54.63$50.43 
Volatile Fatty Acids$65.40$52.79$45.18 
Water Soluble Carbohydrates (WSC)$39.66$26.53$20.49

Near Infrared Spectrophotometry (NIR) Packages

 Price (inclu. GST)1
PackageDescription1-15 Samples16-50 samples>50 Samples
Standard DM, Ash, Moisture, NDF, ADF, ME, DMD, OM, DOMD, WSC$65.41$59.36$55.94
Standard - No prepDM + NIR CP, NDF, ADF, PC2 & WSC$35.72$33.62$31.79
Grains Concentrate

DM, NDF, DMD, Ash, ADF, OM, CP, Fat, DOMD, ME, Starch, Moisture, Bulk Density

Healthy HorseNIR Standard package, Fat, ESC, Starch & DE calc for horses$65.41$59.36$55.94
Premium SilageNIR Standard package + wet chem. pH & NH3$110.58$101.39$92.46

Wet chemistry packages

Price (inclu. GST)1
PackageDescription1-15 samples16-50 Samples> 50 Samples
NDF & ADF PackageNDF & ADF$53.59$43.08$37.30
Wet Chemistry ForageDry, Grind, DM, CP, NDF, ADF, PC2 & WSC$131.33$104.80$89.83
Wet Chemistry FeedDry, Grind, DM, CP, NDF, ADF, PC2, WSC & Fat$155.24$125.29$104.53
By-ProductsDry, Grind, DM, CP, NDF, ADF, PC2 & Fat$124.75$107.95$98.75

* Denotes analyses not covered by the NATA scope of Accreditation.
1 Prices are current as at 1 February 2022. Prices are listed per sample, per submission.
2 Pepsin Cellulase Digestibility includes DM, DMD, DOMD, Ash Content and ME

Prices are reviewed annually however NSW DPI reserves the right to modify prices at any time. Express surcharges may apply for urgent requests. View the full list of Terms and Conditions applicable to all testing services provided by DPI.


Where possible, we work with our clients to negotiate a tailored service. Quotes for specialised or large volume submissions are available upon request.

To request a quote please email Customer Service with the following information:

  • Your contact details
  • Your testing requirements (including number of samples, time frame and any other important information).

Terms and Conditions

View the full list of Terms and Conditions applicable to all testing services provided by DPI.