Anthrax is a serious, usually fatal disease caused by the bacterium Bacillus anthracis. It occurs world-wide and can infect a wide range of domestic and wild animal species as well as humans.

In grazing livestock anthrax usually presents as the sudden death of one, or a group of animals in a mob. Affected stock often show few or no signs of ill health before they die. In some situations the disease may begin with the sporadic deaths of single animals over a few days, building to dramatic losses in a very short time.

This Primefact includes topics:

  • What is anthrax?
  • Occurrence of anthrax in NSW
  • Species affected
  • Anthrax is a notifiable disease
  • General biosecurity duty
  • Development of the disease
  • When to suspect anthrax
  • Signs of anthrax in animals
  • Signs of anthrax in humans
  • Diagnosis of anthrax and more.


Primefact 114 Sixth Edition

Published: Mar 2024