TSE surveillance


Appropriate surveillance measures for TSEs in Australia allow us to demonstrate to export markets that our animals and animal products are free from TSEs. This increases the number of export markets available to Australia and therefore benefits producers and the economy. Adequate surveillance is also important for early detection and intervention should a TSE be found in Australia.

The important public health issues surrounding BSE are another reason why surveillance for TSEs is vital in Australia.

Topics include:

  • What are TSEs?
  • Why we need surveillance in Australia
  • National TSE Freedom Assurance Program (NTSEFAP)
  • National TSE Freedom Assurance Program (NTSEFAP)
  • BSE in cattle
  • Scrapie in sheep and goats
  • The role of veterinarians
  • Incentives for producers and veterinarians
  • Restricted animal material (RAM)
  • Monitoring imported animals for BSE

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Primefact 244 Fourth Edition

Published: Nov 2019