Plant bugs


The true bugs are classified into three major groups. One includes the aphids, scale insects, lerp insects, mealybugs and whiteflies. Another includes the leafhoppers, planthoppers and cicadas. The third group includes all stink bugs, assassin bugs, chinch bugs, squash bugs and other similar types of insects; of this third group, the plant-feeding pest species that are encountered most often in New South Wales are discussed in this Primefact.

Bugs suck liquid food through tube-like mouthparts. Most are plant-feeding, sucking the sap of their host plants. A large number feed on seeds and fruits. Some are predatory, catching insects and other small organisms.

The bugs discussed in this Primefact are all native insects, except for green vegetable bug. They can be considered conveniently in their insect family groupings.


Primefact 508 First Edition

Published: May 2007