ICA Procedures

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Certification Assurance (CA) Scheme

Specific CA arrangements available in NSW for intrastate (within NSW) or interstate trade between NSW and one or more states and/or territories.

CA-01 Queensland Fruit Fly Pest Free Place of Production – V2 – July 2017
Treatment/condition Pest free place of production
Pest Queensland fruit fly
Produce Tomatoes
Full text versionCA-01 (PDF, 292.2 KB)
CA-05 Biosecure Transport and Treatment of Host Plant material destined for Recycling or Waste – V2.0 – September 2017
Treatment/condition Biosecure transport and treatment (Various)
Pest Phylloxera, Potato Cyst Nematode
Produce Processing waste, mulches and products intended for composting or disposal that may contain host plant material
Full text versionCA-05 (PDF, 266.32 KB)          
CA-16 Treatment of Citrus, Fortunella or Poncirus for Citrus Red Mite – V2 – July 2017
Treatment/condition Treatment of host produce
Pest Citrus Red Mite (Panonychus citri)
Produce Citrus, Fortunella and Poncirus including budwood for propagation, and potted plants.
Full text versionCA-16 (PDF, 303.26 KB)  
CA-18 Inspection of Plants for Melon Thrips and Silverleaf Whitefly – V4 – May 2019
Treatment/condition Inspection of plants for melon thrips and silverleaf whitefly
Pest Melon thrips (Thrips palmi), Silverleaf Whitefly (Bemisia tabaci (biotype B))
Produce Plants. Includes nursery stock, cut flowers and foliage, un-rooted cuttings, and bare rooted plants.
Full text versionCA-18 (PDF, 800.46 KB)
CA-20 Crop freedom of truss tomatoes for tomato yellow leaf curl virus
Treatment/condition Inspection of truss tomatoes for tomato yellow leaf curl virus (TYLCV)
Pest Tomato yellow leaf curl virus (TYLCV)
Produce Truss tomatoes
Full text versionCA-20 (PDF, 573.05 KB)
CA-21 Inspection of used agricultural equipment - V1 – June 2018
Treatment/condition Inspection of used agricultural equipment
Pest Sugarcane pests carriers
Produce Used agricultural equipment to a Queensland sugarcane Pest Quarantine Area
Full text versionCA-21 (PDF, 2408.05 KB)
CA-22 Testing and monitoring Euphoriba spp for the absence of Tomato yellow leaf curl virus and Silverleaf Whitefly
Treatment/condition Testing and monitoring plants for Tomato yellow leaf curl virus (TYLCV) and silverleaf whitefly

Tomato yellow leaf curl virus (TYLCV)
Silverleaf whitefly (Bemisia tabaci biotype B)

ProduceEuphorbia spp.
Full text versionCA-22 (PDF, 779.61 KB)
CA-26 – Cleaning, inspection and certification of empty fruit fly host produce bins
Treatment/condition Cleaning, inspecting and certifying empty fruit fly host produce bins
Pest Queensland fruit fly
ProduceQueensland fruit fly host produce
Full text versionCA-26 (PDF, 492.23 KB)