NSW Invasive Species Plan 2023-2028

 Front cover - NSW invasive species plan 2023-2028

The NSW Invasive Species Plan 2023–2028 is an update of the NSW Invasive Species Plan 2018-2021. The Plan supports the NSW Biosecurity and Food Safety Strategy 2020–2030 and identifies key deliverables to help prevent new incursions, eliminate or contain existing populations and effectively manage already widespread invasive species. Its scope includes weeds, and vertebrate and invertebrate pests in terrestrial, freshwater and marine environments.

Contents include:

  • Impacts of invasive species
  • Principles of invasive species management
  • Roles and responsibilities in invasive species management in NSW
  • Prioritisation and risk assessment
  • NSW legislation and invasive species management
  • Key deliverables
  • Implementing the NSW Invasive Species Plan
NSW Invasive Species Plan 2023-2028
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