Movement of bees

Movements within NSW

The requirements for the movement of bees, hives, queens and apiary equipment within NSW depend on the type of movement.

In some cases movements will require notification to NSW DPI or the request of a permit. Check the criteria in the Types of Movements section to determine the notification system to use for the movement you plan to make.

Types of movements
  • Moving bees within the Suppression Control Zone or to the Management Control Zone:
    • There is no movement declaration required for this move.
  • Moving bees out of the Management Control Zone:
    • Complete a surveillance action within 14 days before the movement
    • If Varroa mite is detected, treat for 48 hours before the movement
    • Submit a Hive Movement Declaration before the move.
  • Movement of supers and equipment
    • There are no restrictions on moving empty supers and other apiary equipment provided basic hygiene practices have been met.

1. Hive Movement Declarations

The Hive Movement Declaration must be completed prior to the intended move. To comply with the requirements of the movement declaration you must:

  • Complete this form PRIOR to moving bees and hives
  • Complete the required surveillance action
  • Carry the approved declaration form with you during your trip.

Where the destination on a hive movement declaration needs to change, the person has 72 hours to submit a new hive movement declaration with the correct locations. The new location must be compliant with the current Biosecurity Control Order.

2. Biosecurity Emergency Movement Permits

In the event an intended move is not permitted under the Control Order, you may apply for a Biosecurity Emergency Movement Permit. To apply for a permit this form must be completed - Application for Movement of bees to Move from the MEZ to SEZ OR MEZ to another MEZ within NSW on the account of Varroa Mite (PDF, 128.61 KB)

Movements interstate

If you would like to move bees or hives outside of NSW, check with the relevant jurisdictional authority for where you plan to move to, for any movement restrictions and or requirements.

Movements of empty hive equipment to QLD

Beekeepers from Suppression Control Zones in NSW wishing to move empty hive equipment north over the border can now apply to Biosecurity Queensland. Biosecurity Queensland advise they have recommenced issuing permits for the movement of empty hives and hive parts for irradiation.

The Queensland Government are also continuing to assess other low risk movements such as the transport of full and empty supers into the state. On submission of a permit a Biosecurity Officer from the department will contact applicants and advise if the application has been successful and the conditions of the permit. To apply for a Queensland carrier permit application, visit Varroa mite carrier permit application (

For all other movements not already addressed, please call the Varroa response Hotline on 1800 084 881.