Movement of bees

Movements within NSW

There are two systems available for the movement of bees within NSW during the Varroa Mite Emergency Response.

1. Hive Movement Declarations

A Hive Movement Declaration form may only be filled out by people moving hives within the General Emergency (Blue) zone

To move hives from one location in the Blue Zone to another location in the Blue zone you must:

  • complete the Tocal College Varroa mite online training,
  • complete alcohol washing requirements, and
  • Complete this online form PRIOR to moving hives.
  • Where the destination on a hive movement declaration in the Blue Zone needs to change, the person has 72 hours to submit a new hive movement declaration with the correct locations.

The hives must be transported in a bee-proof manner and while you are able to transit through the purple and red zones, you must not stop, excepting in very specific conditions.

For further information on Hive Movement declarations visit: Movement of hives in general emergency zone

2. Movement Permits

Movement Permits are required to move apiary equipment, Hives, Honey Super & Empty Honey Super (as defined by the order) anywhere within NSW that is not permitted by the Biosecurity (Varroa mite) Emergency Order.

  • All bee keepers who need to move apiary equipment, Hives, Honey Super & Empty Honey Super (as defined by the order)must complete this application form (PDF, 121.85 KB)
  • When the permit application form has been completed, save a copy, double click the email address included near the top of the form, attach the copy you have saved to the email, and hit send.
  • An application is NOT a guarantee of a permit to move.  A risk assessment will be undertaken on all applications to determine if a movement can be approved.
  • Please allow minimum of 72 hours for processing of the application. Permits may be revoked at any time due to changes in the Biosecurity (Varroa mite) Emergency Order.
  • Please note for movements to interstate destinations attach a copy of the permit issued by the interstate authority and forward to the email address at the top of the same form.

Movements interstate

Biosecurity Queensland has advised that the Queensland border is now reopened to New South Wales General (blue) Emergency Zone beekeepers with a strict permit system in place.

The Victorian border is also open under similar restrictions.

Beekeepers within the NSW blue zone who wish to move bees or hives into QLD or Victoria must apply for a permit through their relevant departments and complete a NSW DPI Hive movement declaration form before moving hives, in addition meeting the requirements of each document.

People moving hives or bees without an approved permit or declaration form completed can be charged by NSW Police.

Apply for the permit at the QLD DAF website:

Appy for the permit at the VIC Agriculture website:

Submit your NSW movement declaration form at

For more information on moving bees, hives and/or equipment visit Plain English guide for Varroa mite Emergency Order