Commercial fishing closures

A number of changes to commercial fisheries Share Management Plans and other regulations were gazetted on Friday 14 November 2008. These amendments were made so that the majority of rules applying to each fishery can be found within its Share Management Plan, and to implement new measures flowing from the Environmental Impact Assessments of the State's commercial fisheries.

The relevant fishery Share Management Plan, Fisheries Management (Supporting Plan) Regulation 2006 and Fisheries management (General) Regulation 2010 now give effect to some fishing closures that were previously notified under section 8 of the Fisheries Management Act 1994. Some fishing closures remain as section 8 notifications.

Fishers are advised to familiarise themselves with the relevant fisheries legislation and applicable endorsement conditions (PDF, 61.13 KB) and be aware that other restrictions on fishing operations may apply in Marine Protected Areas.