Australian Bass

Australian bass


Australian Bass vary in colour from silver, green and bronze. The fish migrate downstream to the estuaries to breed between May and August and a fishing closure has been introduced at this time, to protect this species. Females are much larger than males. Adult fish are general purpose carnivores. The Bass has a back profile that is arched from above the eyes to the tail with only very slight tapering of the snout. They are sought after sport fish with bait, fly and artificial lure. Although considered excellent eating, the majority of fish are returned to the water unharmed.


Maximum of 4 kg in weight and 65 cm in length.


Australian Bass are found in fresh and saltwater, in eastern draining rivers from the Mary River in Queensland to the Gippsland Lakes in Victoria.

Confusing species

Confused with the Estuary Perch (Macquaria colonorum) which has a longer tapered snout with a concave profile.