Spiny Crayfish

Spiny crayfish

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Euastacus Crayfish are slow-growing animals taking many years to reach their legal length of 9 cm. Like all other freshwater crayfish species, they undertake a series of moults as they grow. They are late maturing and long lived animals. They are major processors of organic matter acting as shredders, predators, collectors and grazers. They are an important source of food for other fauna including invertebrates, frogs, fish and platypus.  They also assist in maintaining river health and structure.


Euastacus Crayfish species range in size between approximately 4 cm and 12 cm maximum occipital carapace length.


Euastacus Crayfish, also known as spiny crayfish, are widely distributed in Australia living in both cold and warm habitats from far north Queensland to the South Australia/Victoria border. Many spiny crayfish species have a limited distribution and are endemic to certain localities.

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