Freshwater data request

The NSW DPI Freshwater Ecosystems Research team is pleased to offer information from our extensive database on freshwater fish and their habitats.

Please complete the form below to submit your application for data, noting the information on handling times and fees provided below.

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Data licence agreement (DLA)

This section refers to the types and duration of data use.

Following execution of the DLA, you can request the data at a time preferable to you (the 'start date'). Otherwise, NSW DPI will aim to fulfil your request within 10 business days.

The 'end date' is the date on which the DLA will end & the data must be returned to NSW DPI, or all use must cease.

Please note: any data on listed threatened species is considered confidential in the interests of conservation.

Determination of fees

A fee of up $2,000 may be applicable to your data request.

  • The fee is for processing, legal review of IP associated with the data and execution of the data request due to the spatial and temporal boundaries of the request. It is NOT a fee for the data, which is provided free of charge.
  • You can apply for a fee waiver or reduction (of 50%) if any of the following conditions apply: financial hardship, undertaking a low value contract (less than $20,000 ex GST), non-profit organisation and/or the information applied for is of ‘special benefit to the public generally’ (as per defined in the GIPA Act).

Privacy Statement

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