Fisheries resource assessment

Fisheries Resource Assessment (FRA) unit is primarily responsible for monitoring the performance of fisheries and fished stocks and determining their status. This is undertaken through the collection and analyses of fishery-dependent and independent data from across all fishing sectors to include in stock assessment reports and develop and report against successful, state and nationally competitive research projects Research activities carried out by the group underpin fisheries management arrangements including size and bag limits, total allowable catches, gear types, spatial and temporal access by fishing sectors, stock enhancement including artificial reefs and the development of harvest strategies to ensure the sustainable harvest of the State’s wild capture fisheries. The team  commonly work closely with stakeholders including commercial and recreational fishers, operating at sea on vessels in the Ocean Trawl Fishery, on beaches and in estuaries with fishers in the Estuary General Fishery, at fish co-ops up and down the NSW coast and at every boat ramp and coastal access point where the staff work at engaging with the general public. There are five research themes and the team is lead by Dr Michael Lowry.

Research Themes