Spanner Crab Harvest Strategy Working Group

DPI Fisheries has established a Spanner Crab Harvest Strategy Working Group to engage key stakeholders in a collaborative process to develop a harvest strategy for the NSW Spanner Crab fishery.

Developing a harvest strategy for the Spanner Crab Fishery will help improve transparency and certainty in future decision making on Total Allowable Catch (TAC) determinations.

The Working Group is a sub-committee of the NSW Commercial Fisheries Advisory Council (CommFish). The newly appointed members and Chairperson are all highly experienced and bring decades of experience to the Working Group.

The Chairperson is Dr James Findlay GAICD, a former Chief Executive Officer and Commissioner of the Australian Fisheries Management Authority, with several decades of experience in fisheries and aquaculture policy, management and research.

Dr Jeremy Prince is the Independent Scientist. He is an experienced fisheries assessment scientist with specific expertise in the assessment and development of harvest strategies for small-scale and data-poor fisheries.

Dr Julian Morison is the Independent Economist, with over 30 years’ experience as an agricultural and natural resource economist, providing advice on economic aspects of fisheries management.

Other members of the Working Group include:

  • Mr Andrew Rigby, Mr John Joblin, Mr Ian Stewart McRae and Mr Gary Bordin appointed as Ocean Trap and Line – Spanner Crab Fishery representatives.
  • Mr Mitchell Sanders appointed as the Commercial Fishing NSW Advisory Council (CommFish) member.
  • Ms Patricia Beatty appointed as the Professional Fisher’s Association member.
  • Mr Daniel Johnson appointed as the NSW DPI Fisheries Scientist and Dr Veronica Silberschneider as NSW DPI Fisheries Manager.

The Recreational Fishing NSW Advisory Council and Aboriginal Fishing Advisory Council were invited to nominate a representative but did not provide any nominations. Both positions will remain vacant for the duration of the Working Group should either council wish to nominate a representative.

Terms of Reference – Spanner Crab Harvest Strategy Working Group

Meeting 1 - 1 October 2021 -  Online

Meeting 2 - 29 October 2021 -  Online

Meeting 3 - 28-29 April 2022 - Ballina NSW

Meeting 4 - 4-5 August 2022 - Ballina NSW