Declaration and Privacy Collection Notice

In completing this application, you will be prompted to provide personal information (such as your name, email, residential address and telephone number). This information must be provided by the applicant, or if provided by another individual, you must have authorisation from the applicant to provide their personal information.

You must provide this information, otherwise the Department of Regional NSW DPI Fisheries (DPI Fisheries) will be unable to issue you with an official receipt showing you have paid the recreational fishing fee.

You must have your official receipt in your possession when you take fish.

You are providing information so that the Department of Regional NSW DPI Fisheries (DPI Fisheries) can use it to carry out its functions under the Fisheries Management Act 1994 to conserve, develop and share the fishery resources of NSW.

DPI Fisheries will not disclose personal information about you to any person except where required to fulfil the purpose for which you are providing the information, or where permitted by law. In carrying out its functions, DPI Fisheries may disclose your information to third parties such as independent researchers, mailing houses and data, insights and research organisations.

If you want to gain access to, or amend your personal information, or want more details about privacy, please prefer to the Privacy Management Plan | Department of Regional NSW | Privacy Statement or contact us at