Current projects on Trout Cod

Conservation stocking

DPI is continuing its conservation stocking program for Trout Cod in the upper Murrumbidgee River. Another 20,000 Trout Cod fingerlings were released in December 2021 to add to the 16,000 Trout Cod released at these sites in late 2020. Stocking of this area will continue until 2025 with the aim of enhancing the existing population of this species in this region. The fish are produced at the Narrandera Fisheries Centre using wild broodstock sourced from the Murray River.

A Trout Cod stocking program was also conducted in the upper Macquarie River between 2009 and 2017 with a total of over 160,000 fingerlings released in this area. DPI is now assessing if this program was successful or not in establishing a new population of Trout Cod in the upper Macquarie River.

Trout Cod stocking 2021

Trout Cod stocking December 2021

Watch a video about the Trout Cd stocking into the Upper Murrumbidgee River  (1:32 mins)

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