Trout Cod

Trout Cod

Scientific name

Maccullochella macquariensis

Status in NSW



How to identify a trout cod

Species similar in appearance

Murray Cod.


Trout Cod can grow to 85cm and 16kg, but are more common to 50cm and 1.5kg.


The Trout Cod is endemic to the southern Murray-Darling river system, including the Murrumbidgee and Murray Rivers, and the Macquarie River in central NSW. The species was once widespread and abundant in these areas but has undergone dramatic declines in its distribution and abundance over the past century. The last known reproducing population of Trout Cod is confined to the Murray River below Yarrawonga downstream to Tocumwal.


Trout Cod are often found in faster flowing water with rocky and gravel bottoms, but can also be found in some slower flowing, lowland rivers. Large woody snags are very important for the species as they provide complex habitats for each stage of the species' life cycle.

Trout Cod habitat

Why is the Trout Cod threatened?

  • Habitat modification and degradation
  • Historic overfishing and current illegal fishing practices
  • Competition with and predation of juveniles by introduced species
  • Cold water pollution

A Trout Cod (Photo: R. Creed)

More information

Watch a video of Trout Cod stocking in the upper Macquarie River - December 2015 (39 seconds)

Watch a video of an 80 cm Trout Cod being released (video by Craig Elphick) (32 seconds)