Nomination process

Who can nominate?

Nominations to amend the threatened species Schedules of the Fisheries Management Act 1994 to either include or remove threatened species, populations and ecological communities or key threatening processes can be lodged by any person. It is also possible to nominate a change to the level of listing i.e. Vulnerable to Endangered or vice versa. Nominations must be in writing and on the appropriate nomination form, which provides additional valuable information such as the definitions which will be applied in assessing the nomination.

The Minister can ask the Committee to consider adding to, deleting or amending the threatened species lists. The Committee can also initiate amendments itself.

Please read our guide to nominating threatened fish and marine vegetation.

How to nominate?

You can obtain copies of the four nomination forms here.

Please note that to submit a nomination, the form must be signed and sent to the address on the bottom of the form.

What information should you provide?

The Committee considers listings on strictly scientific terms and primarily on the basis of the information presented with the nomination. Therefore it is important to include as much technical information as possible in support of your nomination. Such information could include:

For Species, Populations and Ecological Communities:

  • Maps of both historical and present distribution;
  • results of field surveys;
  • biological and ecological data for the species involved (e.g. population size, profiles and trends, habitat requirements);
  • evidence of any decline in abundance and/or distribution;
  • assessment of known or potential threats including the mode and the severity of impact;
  • status of the species in other locations or as considered by other agencies (e.g. adjacent States,
  • Commonwealth, professional and international bodies); and
  • copies of key references, especially where they are not readily available.

Key Threatening Processes (KTP)

  • A description of the threatening process;
  • a description of the species etc. and habitat affected;
  • results of any field surveys including maps showing areas affected by the nominated KTP;
  • assessment of the severity of the impact of the nominated KTP;
  • Above all, you should clearly state, with reference to the eligibility criteria on the back of the nominations forms, why you believe that your nomination should be supported.