PAS strategies and actions

large woody debris

The Priorities Action Statement (PAS) includes 11 recovery and threat abatement strategies.

  • Research / monitoring
  • Survey / mapping
  • Collate and review existing information
  • Habitat rehabilitation
  • Enhance, modify or implement NRM planning processes to minimise adverse impacts on threatened species
  • Habitat protection
  • Advice to consent and determining authorities
  • Community and stakeholder liaison, awareness and education
  • Compliance / enforcement
  • Stocking / translocation
  • Pest eradication and control

The strategies identified as a priority for each species, population and ecological community and KTP vary according to the abundance/size/condition of the listed species, the nature of the identified threats, the current knowledge of the species biology and ecology, and the management requirements for each species.

In addition to identifying recovery and threat abatement strategies, the PAS includes information on the individual actions proposed under each strategy for each species population, ecological community and KTP listed under the Fisheries Management Act 1994. The actions contain details of how the strategy will be implemented.

PAS strategies and actions for all the listings under the Fisheries Management Act 1994 are available on the relevant species, population, ecological community and KTP webpage - see What is Currently Listed