Review of grey nurse shark protection

Discussion paper for Grey Nurse Shark Protection
  • During 2010, research on the behavioural response of Greynurse Shark to recreational fishing gear highlighted inadequacies with existing fishing rules at Greynurse Shark aggregation sites.
  • The fishing rules were changed at several critical habitat and key aggregation sites early in 2011. However the rules were subsequently revoked in response to concerns from recreational fishers and to provide an opportunity to undertake additional consultation.
  • The NSW Government announced a review of Greynurse Shark protection arrangements in May 2011; commencing with the release of a Discussion Paper for Greynurse Shark Protection (PDF 521.47 KB).
  • Over 2,300 submissions were received from the public; resulting in a Summary of Submissions Report (PDF 146.39 KB).
  • An independently facilitated workshop was subsequently held in Coffs Harbour on 16 March 2012 to involve peak stakeholder groups in the development of management options for fishing and diving at Greynurse Shark aggregation sites.
  • The Coffs Harbour workshop resulted in a Facilitator's Summary (PDF 142.22 KB).
  • The review has concluded with the introduction of new rules that aim to increase protection for Greynurse Sharks while still retaining recreational fishing access using low risk methods.