Murray Hardyhead


Murray Hardyhead is a species of small freshwater fish, native to inland parts of south-eastern Australia. They were once widespread and abundant in the Murray and Murrumbidgee river systems in southern NSW and northern Victoria; however, they have suffered a serious population decline, and now seem to be limited to a few sites, mainly in northern Victoria. There are very few recent records of Murray Hardyhead in NSW.

Murray Hardyhead was listed as an endangered species in January 2001; however, in 2007 the Fisheries Scientific Committee reviewed the conservation status of the species and subsequently upgraded it to a critically endangered species in NSW.

This Primefact contains information on the following:

  • Description of the Murray hardyhead
  • Distribution
  • Habitat and ecology
  • Why are Murray hardyhead threatened?
  • Conservation and recovery actions
  • Legal implications


Primefact 180 Third Edition

Published: May 2016