Private Native Forestry Review

Submissions on the Terms of Reference are available online

The government is currently reforming the regulatory and policy frameworks governing native forestry in NSW. This includes a comprehensive review of Private Native Forestry (PNF).

The PNF Review seeks to balance the sustainable development of the private native timber and agricultural industries while recognising the environmental values of the private forest estate.

The NSW Government released the Private Native Forestry Review Terms of Reference on 22 November 2018. The call for submissions closed 15 February 2019. All members of the community were encouraged to have their say about the way private native forests are managed by responding to the PNF Review Terms of Reference. In particular we sought feedback on how to improve the:

  • PNF Codes of Practice
  • rules and regulations that govern PNF
  • PNF authorisation process
  • PNF training and advice services.

We received a strong response to the release of the PNF Review Terms of Reference, with 204 submissions in total. All submissions have been published, except for those marked as confidential. The Submission Review Report is publicly available on the Local Land Services website.

The next steps in the PNF Review are the review of the existing PNF Codes of Practice and the development of new streamlined PNF Codes of Practice that are clear and easier to use and enforce, whilst supporting ecologically sustainable forest management.

Any queries regarding the PNF Review can be emailed to

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