Hunting native game birds in NSW

The Native Game Bird Management Program

Native game bird species in NSW can only be hunted under the NSW Native Game Bird Management Program, managed by the DPI Game Licensing Unit. The former Game Bird Mitigation Program, administered by the Office of Environment and Heritage (National Parks and Wildlife Service) has now closed.

The DPI program allows landholders to sustainably manage native game birds on agricultural lands in NSW with the help of licensed hunters who volunteer their time and resources.

Everyone who hunts native game birds in NSW needs to hold a NSW Game Hunting Licence. They must also pass a test about identifying different waterfowl species before they can take part in the program. These requirements set a benchmark for individuals hunting native species in NSW and ensure that landholders are still able to access the free assistance of hunters to protect their crops.

Those who wish to hunt native game birds also require the landholder’s express authority to do so. This means the landholder needs to give you permission and they can do so in any manner they see fit. Having permission to enter land is a key principle in the Hunters’ Code of Practice and a mandatory condition of game hunting licences.

To sustainably manage native game birds, landholders may:

As part of the program, hunters are required to:

If you need more information on the program, contact the Native Game Bird Support Team on or 03 5874 2983.