NSW Game Hunting Guide

Note: much of the content in this guide has been superseded, including the general written permission conditions for State forests listed on pages 100-105 of the guide. R-Licence hunters must comply with the updated general permission conditions published on this website. We are working on a updated version of the NSW Game Hunting Guide, which will be available digitally only.


The NSW Game Hunting Guide sets out the rules and regulations that apply to game hunting in NSW, where that hunting is managed by DPI, under the Game and Feral Animal Control Act 2002 and its Regulation 2012.

Topics include:

  • NSW Game Hunting Licences
  • Do I need a Game Hunting Licence in NSW?
  • Getting a licence
  • Hunting rules & regulations
  • What can I hunt?
  • Deer hunting in NSW
  • Native game bird hunting in NSW
  • Where can I hunt?
  • Written Permission conditions
  • Hunter education
  • Shut the gate on illegal hunting


First Edition

Published: Apr 2017