Red Imported Fire Ant -
Fire ant detected in northern NSW - be on the look out
Varroa Mite Emergency Response -
As of 19 September 2023 the Varroa mite Emergency Response will shift to transitioning to management of Varroa Mite. Find out more.

NSW Department of Primary Industries

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We work hand-in-hand with producers – through droughts, floods, fires and biosecurity challenges – to drive stronger primary industries.

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We are globally recognised as a top 1% plant, animal and environmental sciences research organisation.

Real people, real stories from our state's primary industries.
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Take a look at the full breadth of our stories, our researchers and our innovation on our publishing platform, DPI Stories.

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We can provide a variety of commercial and technical services to industry while partnering and collaborating in research, development, innovation and ag-tech solutions.