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Bacterial media requested for NSW customers must be recieved by 12.00pm Tuesday and Fridays for dispatch on the next business day. Interstate media requests are to be received by 5pm the Friday Prior. Orders are shipped on Tuesday mornings.

Urgent requests will be processed but will incur a $33.00 (ex GST) laboratory handling fee and an Express Media Freight fee of $31.70 (ex GST). For all urgent requests please complete the form then contact Customer Services to discuss.

For any enquiries regarding this order contact Customer Services.

Please note, for any media not returned for testing fees and charges will apply.

Pricing is valid from 01 February 2024.

Please NOTE: From 1st March 2024 EMAI will start charging submitters upfront for the following media: Campylobacter fetus testing (CETM) $8.50 ex GST per vial. Tritrichomonas foetus testing (TFEM) $3.50 ex GST per vial. Both of these media are made in-house at EMAI and these prices reflect cost recovery only. This upfront cost has been deducted from the culture charges, so that the overall cost of Campylobacter fetus and Tritrichomonas foetus testing will not change for submitters.

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Campylobacter fetus subsp. venerealis culture WASH METHOD KIT

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Tritrichomonas foetus culture WASH METHOD KIT

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Tritrichomonas foetus PCR METHOD KIT

*1 PBS required for each animal sampled.

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