Southern NSW research results

Southern NSW Results 2023 cover

NSW DPI welcomes you to the Southern NSW research results 2023. This book has been produced to increase awareness of research and development (R&D) activities undertaken by NSW DPI in the southern mixed farming region of NSW. It delivers the outcomes of these activities to our stakeholders including agribusiness, consultants and growers.

This document is a comprehensive, annual report of NSW DPI’s R&D activities in southern NSW. The book includes research covering agronomy and physiology, weeds, farming systems, crop protection, water and irrigation in southern NSW.

NSW DPI, in collaboration with our major investment partner the Grains Research and Development Corporation (GRDC), is at the forefront of agricultural research in southern NSW and the largest research organisation in Australia. Our R&D teams conduct applied, scientifically sound, independent research to advance the profitability and sustainability of our farming systems.

We acknowledge the many collaborators (growers, agribusiness and consultants) that make this research possible. We also encourage feedback to help us produce improved editions in future years.

This document is not fully web accessible, please contact for more information.