Northern Rivers drainage report

Following the 2022 Northern NSW Floods an independent review was commissioned and completed by Mr Culleton. Mr Culleton's findings and recommendations are outlined in the Northern River's Agricultural Drainage Report.

In response to the recommendations 1 and 8, $5 million was secured for the Northern Rivers Drainage reset program that is part of the $150 million Primary Industry Support Package. This funding for priority works has been made available through the NSW Reconstruction Authority to support necessary maintenance to North Coast Agricultural drainage infrastructure.

Given the complexity of the independent report findings, the NSW Government will consider this report as part of a broader Coastal Floodplain Drainage Option Report. See below to have your say.

Read the final report (PDF, 1653.26 KB)

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Consultation on a separate report - the Coastal Floodplain Drainage Options Report - will open in early 2024.

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The Coastal Floodplain Drainage Project commenced in 2019 and is one of several Marine Estate Management Strategy projects aiming to deliver healthy coastal habitats with sustainable use and development.