Eggs in cartons

The ideal egg is a fresh egg with a clean and smooth brown or white shell, a pure deep-yellow yolk, and translucent, firm white. The following documents deal with egg production and quality.


EggInvest is a Microsoft Excel® spreadsheet designed to assist in the preliminary investigation of future investment in egg production.

EggInvest is not intended as a final decision making tool. It has been designed to only indicate those options which warrant further detailed investigations.

The EggInvest interface

Users can adjust Lay Rate, Egg Weight, Feed Intake and Mortality from a selection of standard productions curves to reflect the proposed production system.

The EggInvest Production Simulator uses this data to predict hen numbers, egg production, egg weights and feed consumption for a 20 year period. EggInvest can simulate production for up to 20 different sheds or flocks.

This information is combined with financial budget data to develop a predicted cashflow and determine a payback period for the investment.

Egginvest user guide
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Egginvest v1.0.1
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