Attitudinal research

NSW Biosecurity Attitudinal Research Program

About the program

The NSW Biosecurity Attitudinal Research Program was undertaken by the NSW Department of Primary Industry in 2016. The purpose of this program was to:

  • Measure and understand current levels of awareness, attitudes, and behaviours in relation to biosecurity among the NSW population – providing benchmark measures against which future levels can be assessed.
  • Assist in development of resources to support implementation of new biosecurity legislation and the NSW Government’s Biosecurity Strategy.

The program comprised qualitative and quantitative primary research.

  • Among the general population 8 focus groups and 1,149 online interviews were conducted.
  • Among primary producers 42 stakeholder consultations, 2 focus groups and 400 telephone interviews were conducted

Download the reports

You can access the reports detailing the findings of this research in the links below.