Urban Feral Tales

Urban Feral Tales - building awareness of exotic invasive pests

Urban Feral Tales is a series of stories developed to highlight how invasive, resilient and widespread feral insects and animals can be and their devastating impact on our urban and surrounding environments.

Greater Sydney is a large and diverse region with natural environments including plateaus, coastal and estuarine landscapes, river valleys, beaches, parks and bushland. Feral animals and other exotic pests affect all these environments and cause problems wherever they are found.

Urban Feral Tales gave primary school students the opportunity to publish their own stories about non-native, exotic pest animals and insects, their impacts on agriculture, the environment and our way of life.

These stories are written by kids for other kids to support learning about the importance of biosecurity as a shared responsibility and highlight the impacts of feral animals in their local area.

Urban Feral Tales was produced as part of the Enviro-Stories “City Livin’ Ferals” Program, which is part of the Peri Urban Program.


The Red Fox

Pigs in the Crops