VETLEARN - Veterinarians, hobby farmers and backyard livestock

Veterinarians, hobby farmers and backyard livestock is a new e-learning course as part of a national initiative between the department, Animal Health Australia and the Australian Veterinary Association.

It is a two-hour online course that provides veterinarians with the confidence and resources to build their business and improve engagement with hobby farmers, smallholders and clients with backyard livestock. The course will help veterinarians improve biosecurity outcomes with smallholders, resulting in early detection of disease.

This free course is relevant to all veterinarians nationally and will earn 2 CPD or VETED points.

You will only need to register for the course once.

  1. Visit the EMtrain website.
  2. Click on Create new account (below the log in icon), and fill in all fields
    Note: Please ensure you use a personal email address rather than a shared one
  3. An email will be sent to you to confirm your registration. Click on the link in the email to complete the login process, which will direct you to the EMtrain homepage
  4. Once you are logged into EMtrain, click on View Catalogue, select Additional Skills, then select the Veterinarians, Hobby Farmers and Backyard Livestock course
  5. Once you are on the home page of the course, click the course heading in the grey box, then select the Enrol Me icon to be taken to the page for course commencement

  1. Log in via the EMtrain website, using your log in credentials

    Note: Any courses you have enrolled in will appear on the homepage

  2. Click on the Veterinarian, Hobby Farmer and Backyard Livestock course

Click on the title in the grey box to enter the course

This course consists of an introduction, four modules and an assessment.

You must visit all modules before attempting the assessment. In order to pass the course, you will need to achieve an assessment result of 80% or higher.

You will be able to print a Certificate of Completion once the assessment is complete.

Questions or comments should be directed to: