Pantry Blitz

MyPestGuide Reporter A variety of beetles, weevils and moths all love to make a home in your pantry and can live very happily and often undetected in stored food items such as dried fruit, cereal and flour.

Infestations can be introduced through the supply chain (at processing plants, storage facilities etc) or at home (by purchasing infested products or through open doors, windows or cracks in the walls).

Unwanted insect pests can stowaway as hitchhikers on a wide range of cargo including plastic beads, nuts and bolts, timber flooring, foodstuffs and white goods and make their way into homes.

Insect trapGreater volumes of freight and mail are increasing the risk of new incursions and we’re asking for your help.

NSW Department of Primary Industries (DPI) is running a four week Pantry Blitz across the state to help people find any pests present in their homes and businesses.

After registering, participants will receive a free insect trap to set up in their pantries.

Each participating household will place their trap in their pantries, take photos of the trap/s in place, and send in an initial report via the

MyPestGuideTM Reporter app

Pantry Blitzers send a report at the end of each week of the program, with a photo of their trap and any additional comments.

You will be working alongside NSW DPI to help protect the environment and our agricultural and food industries.

Registrations for the NSW Pantry Blitz 2022 have now closed! Thank you to everyone who has registered for the program.