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Help protect our environment, economy and communities by joining in the hunt for the 'Most Unwanted'

The NSW Government is committed to preventing the introduction and establishment of new pest animals and ensuring existing non-native animals in the state are managed effectively.

The ‘Most Unwanted’ campaign has been rolled out to encourage the people of NSW to look for and report non-native pest animal incursions.

Printable versions of these two publications are available to order via email.

Codes of Practice

A number of Codes of Practice are available to provide guidance in best practice animal welfare and management of non-native animals. Several of these are available from the Animal Welfare Unit or CSIRO, such the Model Code of Practice for the Welfare of Animals: The Camel.

Many ruminant animals, including blackbuck, can be infected with and spread Johne's disease (JD). Information on managing JD in livestock can be found on the Johne’s Disease (JD) in Cattle webpage.

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To find out more about the Act and the Regulation please visit our Biosecurity legislation webpage.

If you’d like more information on the private keeping of non-native animals under registrations and permits:

If you’d like to report the sighting of a non-native animal being kept illegally or loose in the open environment, you should report the information to NSW DPI as soon as practicable and within 24 hours of becoming aware of the information. Information relating to non-native animal incursions can be reported to NSW DPI through the following channels:

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