No Space For Weeeeeds

Hey NSW help share our message ‘No Space For Weeeeeds’. A campaign to increase awareness of weeds, empower people to understand weeds and importantly, know how to report and control them.

Preventing the spread of weeds protects our native plants and animals and our land, water and food production in NSW. Weeds can take over precious habitats and threaten our industries and livelihoods. We need your help to stop them.

Lets share it!

We're for plants, wildlife, produce, pastures and a productive NSW. We're for 100% NSW No Space for Weeeeeds! We’d love to reach as many people as possible to prevent weeds and help us stop their spread.

More information

For more information please contact your local council weeds officer or visit NSW WeedWise.

If you would like to know more about the campaign contact